T'ooyasksisim' Nisim' Wil Bakwsim'
> The Official Site of the Nisga'a Nation

We are Nisga'a, People of the Nass River. We have lived here, on British Columbia's northwest coast, since time immemorial. Long enough to see our culture thrive, adapt, and endure.

Canada's Nisga'a Nation is represented by Nisga'a Lisims Government - a modern, forward-thinking administration based on traditional culture and values. Together, we have built a culture and economy that respects and protects our natural heritage.

Our Vision
In the spirit of Sayt-K'il'im-Goot, the Nisga'a Nation is a place where:

  • our Ayuuk, language, and culture are the foundation of our identity
  • learning is a way of life
  • we strive for sustainable prosperity and self-reliance
  • we inspire trust and understanding through effective communications, and
  • our governance and services evolve to meet our people's needs.