Water & Mineral Resources

Nisga'a Hydro Power Reservation
To enable NLG to investigate whether any streams are suitable for hydroelectric production, British Columbia will establish a second water reservation over all the unused water from streams within Nisga'a Lands. This Nisga'a Hydro Power Reservation will have a term of 20 years.

Nisga'a Water Reservation
British Columbia will establish a water reservation for the Nisga'a Nation of 300,000 cubic decameters of water per year from the Nass River and other streams within Nisga'a Lands. This volume is equivalent to 6.6 billion imperial gallons per year. This water reservation is for domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes and has priority over all future water licenses.

Subsurface Resources
Nisga'a Government owns all mineral resources on or under Nisga'a Lands, including:

  • precious and base metals
  • coal, petroleum, natural gases and geothermal resources
  • earth, soil, peat, and marl (deposits of clay and calcium carbonate)
  • sand, gravel, rock and stone