Protecting the Nass River

There is no single resource as closely tied to Nisga'a life and culture as salmon. For thousands of years, the rich salmon runs of the Nass River allowed our people to sustain our villages and to develop trading relationships that extended into the interior of British Columbia and up and down the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

The Nisga'a Fisheries Management Program safeguards the resource by applying the highest possible standards in the areas of conservation and environmental protection to ensure a healthy, productive aquatic ecosystem for the benefit of present and future generations of all peoples. Because of the superior management of the watershed, the Nass River produces the highest quality salmon in the world. All five species of wild salmon are harvested by Nisga'a fishers for domestic use and sale by Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd.

Fisheries projects include:

  • watershed restoration
  • species monitoring
  • wildlife habitat restoration
  • construction of fish wheels and fishways
  • accurate escapement counts, and
  • monitoring of in-river sports fishery.