Preserving & Promoting Our Culture

The Ayuukhl Nisga'a Department of NLG works to ensure Nisga'a people are politically, socially, and spiritually healthy, and empowered by a thorough understanding of Nisga'a language, culture, and history. This is achieved through:

  • development and maintenance of a catalogue system for Nisga'a archives
  • resource and administrative support for the Council of Elders and various government committees
  • liaison and negotiations with the Royal British Columbia Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, and Smithsonian Institute, and
  • research and production of books on key aspects of Nisga'a culture.
The Nisga'a Foundation encourages your support of these ongoing programs-and for the creation of a Nisga'a Museum & Cultural Centre. When complete, the facility will house nearly 300 Nisga'a artifacts and be a permanent place for Nisga'a people and visitors to experience the rich life and legacy of Nisga'a culture. This state-of-the-art facility will include archival software systems, listening booths, computerized office space, a library and teaching centre, and a gift shop to showcase Nisga'a art and artists.