Nisga'a Valley Health Authority

Nisga'a government manages the delivery of healthcare in our communities through the Nisga'a Valley Health Authority (NVHA). Registered under the Societies Act, the elected body includes representatives of the four Nisga'a villages and an elected representative from the non-Nisga'a community.

Responsible for creating and maintaining facilities and promoting medical and public healthcare programs, NVHA operates a diagnostic centre at New Aiyansh and satellite clinics in the other villages providing physician services, home care, cultural community health representatives, and the administration of Non-Insured Health Benefits. NVHA delivers one of the most progressive, efficient, and effective First Nations healthcare organizations in Canada.

With its mission of Daxgadim Gandidils, "Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds," NVHA encourages illness prevention, focuses on education and individual empowerment, and provides interdisciplinary approaches, including traditional practices.