Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd

A wholly-owned Nisga'a Lisims Government corporation, Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd. oversees the harvest and sale of Nisga'a fish. Fresh and fresh-frozen Nisga'a fish are sold across Canada and the United States.

Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd. operates three landing sites on the Nass River and is responsible for grading, counting, and weighing salmon for payment, as well as sales of insulated fish totes (carriers) and the distribution of flaked ice to eligible Nisga'a fishers to ensure a superior quality product. It also oversees the transport of all salmon to a central depot located at the Nisga'a Fresh Fish Plant at New Aiyansh.

Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd. is actively seeking experienced partners to help further expand our market presence across North America and beyond.