Nisga'a Child and Family Services

With funding from both Canada and British Columbia, Nisga’a Lisims Government provides service options to ensure the protection and well-being of Nisga’a children consistent with both the Ayuukhl Nisga’a (the laws and customs of the Nisga’a people) and British Columbia statutes and policies. By maintaining the Nisga’a family through the utilization of the Ayuuk, Nisga’a Child and Family Services (NCFS) works to ensure the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and cultural well-being of all Nisga’a children. In the Nass Valley, the rate of children in government care is lower than both the provincial and national averages.

NCFS provides support services for families, which promote sound parenting practices and respite care. Voluntary Care Agreements allow parents to place their children in a safe, approved home during medical treatment or training. Special Needs Agreements ensure the safe care of children with special needs. NCFS approves and provides ongoing support payments to adults who provide foster care for Nisga’a children in Nisga’a Family Care Homes. NCFS also provides resources for the following programs:

  • Family Support Services
  • Youth Worker Program
  • Community Workshops
  • Speech Therapy
  • Drug Awareness Resistance Education
  • Psychologist Services
  • Family Support Services, and a
  • Recreation Program.