Laxgalts'ap: Where River Meets Sea

One of four Nisga'a communities, the village of Laxgalts'ap is located on the Nass River estuary, approximately 150 kilometers north of Terrace. Home to approximately 520 residents, Laxgalts'ap offers rich cultural history, natural beauty, and world-class fishing.

Laxgalts'ap means "village on village," an acknowledgement that the current village is built on a series of Nisga'a communities that have occupied this site for millennia. Laxgalts'ap is located in the Nass River estuary, the spawning grounds of five species of wild Pacific salmon and oolichan, a finger-sized member of the smelt family. Each year, tons of oolichan are harvested in Fishery Bay and rendered into precious oil-a historic staple of Nisga'a trade and a valuable commodity that supplied the Northwest Coast's famous "Grease Trail." For countless generations, we have relied on the harvest of fish and seafood and most of our homes have a traditional smoke house and/or drying racks to preserve and the bounty of the river and sea.

A Remarkable Destination
Laxgalts'ap is located in a temperate coastal rainforest in the scenic Nass Valley. The region abounds with wildlife, including: bald eagles, moose, grizzly and black bears, and even the elusive Kermode or "spirit" bear (white color subspecies of black bear). Nisga'a Highway 113 paves the way for ease of access to Laxgalts'ap and each year, the number of visitors continues to grow.

Join us for Hobiiyee (Nisga'a New Year) celebrations when the oolichan return, or anytime during our mild summers or falls. Laxgalts'ap offers a public boat launch that leads to some of the best sport fishing in North America. Four local stores serve the community and Bed & Breakfast accommodation is available in Laxgalts'ap and other Nisga'a villages.