Lands & Resources

Nisga'a Lands lie at the heart of the world's largest temperate rainforest. This remarkably rich ecosystem produces an abundance of organic life-double the amount found in tropical rainforests.

The Nisga'a Nation owns 2,000 square kilometres of land on the northwest coast of British Columbia. Nisga'a Lisims Government is managing our forests to provide reliable, sustainable employment.

Director of Lands & Resources
The Lands & Resources Directorate is responsible for the management of all aspects of lands and forest resources on Nisga'a Lands. This includes resource areas included in the Lands Chapter of the Nisga'a Final Agreement, including:

  • mineral resources
  • Category A and B lands (fee simple sites outside of Nisga'a Lands)
  • Nisga'a commercial recreation tenure (areas outside Nisga'a Lands)
  • heritage sites and key geographic features (areas outside Nisga'a Lands)
  • Parks and Ecological Reserves
  • Nisga'a water reservation, and
  • Nisga'a hydro power reservation.

In addition, the Lands and Resources Director is also responsible for overseeing activities related to the Access and Roads and Rights of Way Chapter of the Nisga'a Final Agreement.

Nisga'a Hydro Power Generation
To enable NLG to investigate whether any streams are suitable for hydroelectric production, British Columbia will establish a second water reservation over all the unused water from streams within Nisga'a Lands. This Nisga'a Hydro Power Reservation will have a term of 20 years.

Nisga'a Water Reservation
British Columbia will establish a water reservation for the Nisga'a Nation of 300,000 cubic decameters of water per year from the Nass River and other streams within Nisga'a Lands. This volume is equivalent to 6.6 billion imperial gallons per year. This water reservation is for domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes and has priority over all future water licenses.

Subsurface Resources
Nisga'a Government owns all mineral resources on or under Nisga'a Lands, including:

  • precious and base metals
  • coal, petroleum, natural gases and geothermal resources
  • earth, soil, peat, and marl (deposits of clay and calcium carbonate)
  • sand, gravel, rock and stone

Collier Azak, Director of Lands & Resources,