Gingolx: Seafood Capital of the Nass

One of four Nisga'a communities, the seaside village of Gingolx is located on the northwest coast of British Columbia on Portland Inlet, approximately 170 kilometers northwest of Terrace. Home to approximately 500 residents, Gingolx offers rich cultural history, natural beauty, and some of North America's finest seafood.

An Independent History
The people of Gingolx have an elemental relationship with the sea. For countless generations, we have relied on the harvest of salmon, crab, halibut, snapper, and shellfish. Isolated from the outside world until 2002, Gingolx is now connected to the North American road network with the completion of the Nisga'a Highway 113 extension. Gingolx means "place of skulls," a historic warning to would-be conquerors that we are determined to protect and preserve our land, resources, and traditional way of life. Today, Gingolx is famous for its hospitality and welcomes visitors from around the world.

A Remarkable Destination
With panoramic view of Portland Inlet, residents of Gingolx live in tune with the seasons and the tide. Forming the mouth of the Nass River, Portland Inlet sees the annual migration of five species of wild Pacific salmon and oolichan, a fingers-sized member of the smelt family. Gingolx offers a public boat launch that leads to some of the best kayaking, boating, and sport fishing in North America. Each summer, thousands of visitors arrive for Crabfest, an annual celebration of music, seafood, and Nisga'a hospitality.

Nisga'a Highway 113 paves the way for ease of access to Gingolx and offers breathtaking views of the Nass River estuary and wildlife. Once in Gingolx, visit our tribal smoke houses and watch the preparation of traditional foods. Stop by our cultural longhouse and carving shed to watch Nisga'a carvers at work. Explore surrounding bays and inlets aboard the Spirit of Gingolx or take part in a cultural event featuring traditional Nisga'a singing, dancing, and a seafood feast. Gingolx is serviced by local stores. Bed & Breakfast accommodation is available in Gingolx and other Nisga'a villages and campsites are located near the village.