About Nisga'a Lisims Government

Representative, Responsible Government
The Nisga'a people have lived in the Nass River Valley since time immemorial. In 2000, the landmark Nisga'a Final Agreement went into effect, heralding a new relationship between Canada and its Aboriginal First Nations. The treaty recognizes Nisga'a Lands and the Nisga'a people's right of self-government. Built on our traditional culture, Nisga'a Lisims Government is the modern, democratically-elected government of the Nisga'a Nation.

Proud British Columbians and Canadians, Nisga'a citizens are responsible for building and maintaining our own institutions. The Nisga'a Final Agreement provides certainty with respect to the Nisga'a people's right of self-determination and includes self-government provisions. Nisga'a government has the ability to pass laws on a broad range of matters. At the same time, Nisga'a jurisdiction over lawmaking authority is concurrent with federal or provincial authority.

Nisga'a government is comprised of Nisga'a Lisims Government (NLG) and the four Nisga'a Village Governments. It is designed to assure democracy, transparency, and accountability. The President, Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, and Chairperson of the Council of Elders are elected at-large by Nisga'a citizens. Village government members are directly elected. Wilp Si'ayuukhl Nisga'a, the government's legislative assembly, enacts laws within its jurisdiction.

Nisga'a Lisims Government has responsibilities in the following areas: